Tyler Nixon makes love to his Hippie Chic lover, Aubrey

X-Art Hippy Chic Aubrey Tyler NixonTitle: Hippie Chic
Models: Aubrey & Tyler Nixon

If you haven’t seen a movie starring Aubrey yet, start your viewing marathon right here. Her work is exclusive to X-Art, and so far there are over 15 of her films available to members—and in addition to her films, the site features many photo shoots she’s done with stars like James Deen.

In Hippie Chic, Aubrey finds strong chemistry with Tyler in a scene that begins with some playful kissing in an outdoor setting that appears to be a secluded ranch. Aubrey and Tyler end up in the bedroom soon enough, but the beginning sets the movie apart from many films where we never see the models anywhere except in the bedroom.

Aubrey Model ProfileThere’s more than usual context here, and lots of kissing and gentle touching. Tyler and Aubrey’s intimacy is brilliant, their connection is electric and their sex is on-fire! This is an excellent video for couples to enjoy, both Aubrey and Tyler are exciting to watch. If you like a movie that warms up gradually and then burns long and hot, we would definitely recommend this scene, which runs 24+ minutes.

We’re not quite sure what inspired the title of the movie—maybe it’s the hippie-like style of the loose blouse and lace-trimmed skirt that Aubrey soon takes off? Well, the important thing is Aubrey herself. As one X-Art member wrote, “I can’t think of a better way to spend my day—or night—than with Aubrey.”

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