Ivy gets Deep anal Penetration from her lover Sebastian in ‘Getting Ready For You’

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x-art Ivy Sebastian Getting Ready For YouTitle: Getting Ready for You
Models: Ivy and Sebastian

This is an incredible scene that has something for just about everyone, so it’s sure to keep all of X-Art’s members satisfied… almost as satisfied as Sebastian after the end of this lusty sex session with the beautiful Ivy.

The saucy Czech vixen is masturbating on the sofa when Sebastian spots her. Not needing any more of an invitation, he slides her panties to the side and goes downtown. Ivy is a very generous lover, and shows her appreciation with an incredible blowjob.

Things really heat up when she hops on top of her man to ride him for all he’s worth, first facing him and then with her back to him. This position clearly does the trick for Ivy, who comes to a shuddering climax.

X-Art Anal Penetration: Beautiful Erotica
Just when you think things are winding down, they kick it up another notch as Ivy grabs Sebastian’s cock and slides her ass down onto it. There are some great close-up shots of the anal action and then a terrific finish as Ivy helps Sebastian to an explosive orgasm. 

Rated 9/10 among the Anal Videos on x-art! This video is almost guaranteed to get your adrenalin running!

x-art Ivy Sebastian Getting ready for You
x-art Ivy & Sebastian Amazing Blowjob
Ivy in Deep Anal Penetration Video x-art
x-art- Ivy Sebastian Deep Anal Penetration Explosive Cum Shot

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x-art Foursome ‘Fuck me four Ways’ absolute brilliant Lesbian Action… and sex toys

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x-art Caprice, Angelica, The Red Fox & Keira in Quadratic Sexquation Fuck me Four waysTitle: Fuck Me Four Ways
Models: Angelica, Caprice,
Keira and The Red Fox

X-Art has brought together four of their most popular models for an extra-special scene right here. It’s strictly no boys allowed in this one as Angelica, Caprice, Keira and The Red Fox enjoy some naughty girl-time together.

Three of the girls are topless on the bed when Caprice enters the room brandishing a couple of sex toys, encouraging the girls to remove their panties so they can try them out. What starts out as a bit of caressing and light kissing soon heats up into a full-blown orgy featuring these wild nymphets.

X-Art Foursome Fantastic: Art of Erotica
Tongues, lips and fingers are exploring every inch of beautiful, taut flesh as bodies and limbs are entangled all over the bed. The sex toys are utilized to perfection as each girl gets to take her turn being the center of this sexy attention.

No matter what your preference is, you’re sure to be pleased here as the action features a blonde, redhead, light brunette and dark brunette. Words really can’t do justice to this scene, as it’s one you’ll need to watch to fully appreciate. But be warned, you’ll find it nearly impossible not to watch it again and again. Visit x-art for full access to these 4 fine ladies.

Quadratic Sexquation Featuring x-art Caprice Angelica Red Fox & Keira
x-art Foursome Lesbian action Caprice Angelica The Red Fox & Keira
x-art Foursome Fuck Me Four Ways Caprice Angelica The Red Fox & Keira
x-art Foursome Video Caprice Angelica The Red Fox & Keira

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