Caprice and Marcus explore Erotic Sex Positions in “I’m in the Mood”

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x-art_caprice_im_in_the_mood-1-smlTitle: I’m in the Mood
Models: Caprice and Marcus

Caprice is hungry for Marcus’ body as she watches him sleep. She drops her sexy lace underwear before climbing into bed with him, waking him up with a kiss. That must be the best way to be awoken, with a beautiful woman on top of you.

Caprice is most certainly in the mood, as Marcus lifts a leg to rub against her pussy to make her wet. Her eyes never leave his as she pulls down the thin piece of fabric covering his dick and begins to pleasure him. Her tongue seems to be working its magic as she licks him up and down like an ice-cream cone. Marcus brings her over so he can taste her delicious pussy. They do one of the classic Erotic Sex Positions; the sixty-nine. Caprice can’t stop herself from moaning as she sucks on his cock, for Marcus’ tongue is so expertly licking at her aching clit.

She turns around, and he pushes into her, slowly, sensually at first before he picks up the pace and thrusts in a powerful rhythm. He sits up, and she pushes him into her ample breasts as she bounces, not wanting to let him go. Marcus has one hand at her clit, and is making sure Caprice will orgasm.

He pushes her down on the bed, and leans over her, making sure he has full control. His thrusts are filled with so much force that he’s making the bed creak. Caprice wraps her smooth legs around his waist and locks her ankles, making sure to pull him in deeper. He cums inside her, and then tumbles off her to gently caress and kiss this beautiful girl.

Erotic Sex Positions X-Art Caprice and Marcus

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x-art Kim touches her wetness, her beautiful eyes are saying “Do Me Darling”

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x-art_sebastian_kim_do_me_darling-1-smlTitle: Do Me Darling
Models: X-art Kim & Sebastian

Czech beauty Kim has beautiful grey eyes that draw you in, inviting you to join her in his film. Her blonde hair is tied up in a messy ponytail and a black Victorian style choker is at her neck, making her look like a noble.
Kim gazes into the camera as she touches herself underneath her white lace panties, her feet arching as she feels the pleasure reverberating through her entire body. Her moans are soft, and feminine, and the extreme close-ups on her face show just how much pleasure she is feeling.

Sebastian enters the room, almost immediately pulling aside her panties to reveal her delightfully pink pussy, licking and kissing at it with his expert tongue. Kim returns the favor, her stunning eyes locking on his as she sucks on his big cock, savoring it.

He doesn’t hesitate at all as he pushes into her glistening cunt and begins to thrust in a fast rhythm, doggy style. Her petite body is trembling as he slides in and out of her mercilessly before flipping her onto her back. Raising her legs in the air, Kim demonstrates just how flexible she is as he fucks her, her breasts bouncing as he does.

She has an angelic face as she rolls off him and strokes him quickly and determinedly as he moans. He shoots a large load all over her breasts and face. Kim’s facial expressions in this video really make it special, and there is no doubt that this video will make you cum just like Sebastian. Join x-art today to view Kim in full hd!


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