Dripping Pleasures has Hot Oral Sex; Lisa & Max are genuinely enjoying themselves


x-art_lisa_max_dripping_pleasures Cover PictureTitle: Dripping Pleasures
Models: Lisa and Max

Many erotica fans say there just aren’t enough good oral sex videos in the world. If you agree with that sentiment, this one’s for you. In fact, Lisa burns up the screen so much in this movie that you might find yourself wanting to move to Prague just to have the chance of meeting her.

This film has a plain and simple setting: white sheets, white wall, and white panties. The idea is that Max and Lisa have just woken up to find that they’re both feeling playful—and more importantly, very horny. X-Art does this kind of scene really well: it’s sexy and also lighthearted.

You get the sense that the models are genuinely enjoying themselves, or in the words of one X-Art member who commented on the movie, “Letting the models do what turns them on the most always is best.”  There’s something for everyone here as the sequence in the film shifts from Max taking his time with going down on Lisa, Max fucking Lisa from behind, and (of course!) a session of 69.

Lisa has been appearing in a lot of films for X-Art lately, so be sure to check out her other work, especially her lesbian threesomes and foursomes—super, super, super (super) hot.

X-Art Lisa Max Oral Sex Videos 69

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