Mila’s first Lesbian sex scene with none other than x-art favorite, Little Caprice

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x-art_caprice_mila_k_a_cloudy_hot_day_(milas_first_lesbian_experience)-1-smlTitle: A Cloudy Hot Day
Models: Caprice, Mila K

The scene starts with sexy Czech models Caprice and Mila K sunbathing beside a pool after a swim, both topless. The steamy make-out session begins immediately as both girls tease and lick at each other’s breasts. In twosly movements, the two girls remove each other’s bikini bottoms, while continuing to kiss tenderly.

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Mila lies on her back, allowing Caprice to suck and explore her body all over. Caprice soon roams to Mila’s clit, coaxing moan after moan from her as she teases her with her expert tongue. Caprice soon begins to finger Mila while licking her sensitive clit, bringing Mila to the pinnacle of pleasure.

The two sexy models switch roles, and now Mila is the one at Caprice’s sweet spot. The moans never seem to stop from Caprice as she enjoys Mila’s tongue. Mila is relentless as she sucks on Caprice, who thrusts her hips to increase her pleasure.

It’s obvious to see how much both women are enjoying each other. Caprice sucks on Mila’s fingers before pulling her close, and they begin to finger each other, no doubt hitting that sweet spot within. Their hands are fast, intent on bringing the other to climax. The sight of the two sweating bodies aching and moaning is incredibly hot.

The moans get louder and louder as the models come closer and closer together, feeling the effects of the powerful climax they have just had. These two beautiful women have truly created a sight to see, and a video that will be remembered for a long time to come.


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Kacey Jordan début for x-art has her take it like a true porn star

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x-art_kacey_jordan_fashionably_irresistible-1-smlTitle: Kacey Jordan does X-Art
Models: Kacey Jordan

Prepare to be amazed by blonde beauty Kacey Jordan in her début piece for x-art. Kacey passionately kisses her co-star, Alex, as he slowly strips her of her little black dress, revealing her beautiful breasts. She stares into his eyes as she strokes his big cock. The smouldering chemistry between the two models is obvious, and only makes it all sexier.

She takes him in her mouth, giving him an incredible blowjob. The camera changes to a point of view angle, and Kacey gazes right into the camera with her incredible blue eyes, making you feel like it’s your cock she’s sucking. Alex begins to take her from behind, thrusting himself into her as she moans loudly. He slaps her ass, coaxing more delightful squeals from this petite girl. He then lays her on her side, and continues to push into her.

Kacey climbs onto Alex, using the cowgirl to bring herself as much pleasure as possible before switching to the reverse cowgirl. With his hands at her thighs, he pounds into her at lightning speed. Kacey reaches her powerful climax and so does Alex, as he climbs off her and she strokes his cock with her hand, begging him to cum.

He does, all over her beautiful face. This is certainly a sexy, fiery scene filmed by very capable models. Kacey Jordan is talented, and this debut piece is certainly one that you’ll come back to. With lots of close-ups, the X-Art crew brings you right into the middle of the action.


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