Aubrey delights us with another Threesome Sex Video ‘Twice The Fun’

Threesome Sex Alex Aubrey Xander Twice the Fun

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Threesome Sex X-Art Video Twice the FunTitle: Twice the Fun
Models: Aubrey, Alex & Xander

Aubrey is one of x-art’s most popular models and many previous reviews have sung her praises. She has such a cute face, an amazingly sexy body and she is a lot of fun. It’s also clear that she’s up for trying new experiences and stretching her limits. Twice The Fun is the latest in her stream of mind-blowing sex videos. It features a threesome with two guys – Xander and Alex – who fill her mouth and pussy and bring her overwhelming pleasure with a solid team effort.

Threesome Sex Video Aubrey XArt

X-Art Model Aubrey

As Aubrey is penetrated and pleasured from all sides, the threesome’s glowing bodies and carnal intercourse contrast with the clean white setting. The omni-present camera captures every moment and Twice The Fun is a very lively and exciting threesome sex video. The viewer is completely drawn in to the steamy action.

Drawing you in is exactly what Aubrey excels at and she loves the attention. She gasps and screams as she is stimulated and then she smiles with delight as Xander and Alex both squirt all over her face. She is a demanding lover, but clearly loves making the men explode and putting on a show while doing it. Likewise, demanding viewers are not likely to be disappointed by Aubrey and Twice The Fun as it is an incredibly erotic and intense sex video.

Izzy and Jake playing and pleasuring, ‘Spread Across The Floor’ is Beautiful Porn

Beautiful Porn Video Izzy Jake Spread Aross the Floor

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Beautiful Porn by XArt Spread Across the FloorTitle: Spread Across the Floor
Models: Jake and Izzy

Beautiful Czech model Izzy loves reading classic literature but when she is tempted by Jake in ‘Spread Across The Floor’ there is no contest. She can only give in and allow herself be pleasured. Before too long she is quivering and twisting about as she orgasms – lots. I was worried for a moment that her head might hit some of the furniture but, in the authenticity and intensity of the moment, I had forgotten that these are professionals.

x-art Model Izzy Beautiful Porn

X-Art Model Izzy

Izzy has long been a fan favourite on x-art but she has recently been away from the studio for a little while. Obviously, her return has been much anticipated; she is so beautiful and there is no one quite like her. She has made a brilliant comeback in this video and in ‘Blondes Love Brunettes’ with Kaylee. Jake deserves a lot of credit for his brilliant performance too. The chemistry between them makes for a beautiful porn video.

Spread Across The Floor also makes frequent use of outstanding aerial shots and it is very arousing to watch Izzy and Jake writhing about the floor from this perspective. This definitely went down well with x-art members who loved looking down on Izzy laying on her back being pleasured.

This is a porn master-class from Izzy, Jake and the x-art crew. Everyone is completely into it and it comes together so beautifully. The viewer feels very privileged to be able to spectate. And it’s a wonder if Izzy and Jake ever want to get up off the floor again.