Be in awe of Veronica’s ability to take Alex’s Huge Cock in “Barely Fits”

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x-art_veronica_alex_barely_fits-01-smlTitle: Barely Fits
Models: Veronica Rodriguez & Alex

Veronica Rodriguez, our tiny latina princess captivates us with her bewildering ability to take a huge cock in this aptly titled video, Barely Fits.

Alex has the biggest cock of all the male studs in x-art’s collection! Veronica makes a beautiful meal of it too, giving Alex a very impressive blowjob. Sucking, stroking and deliberately bringing Alex to full erect; you can really sense the tension building. Alex’s huge manhood is a wonder to behold, you can’t help but wonder, how is he going to Fit?

Alex is relishing in Veronica’s sensual sucking. He mummers a few grunts of genuine sexual arousal, his cock throbbing, completely full. Veronica tastefully deep-throats Alex, (impressively deep considering her challenge) and with a cheeky smirk gets herself into position to sit down on Alex’s burning rod.

This video is highly captivating and really delivers the goods, giving exactly what we were waiting for. Watch and be amazed as Veronica and Alex show us why x-art is so brilliant at delivering real erotic sex. Bonus spoiler; watch to the end for a climatic cream-pie and see delicious close-ups of creamy cum dribbling out of Veronica’s pulsating pussy. Sign up to x-art today to watch this video in full HD Quality.

BTW> Welcome back Veronica. We loved you in your debut male scene way back in 2011 when you fucked and sucked Tommy in the college sex story “The Dorm“, and we are loving you again in this one.


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Join Riley & Anikka sexy American lesbians in this hot scene, Sapphically Sexy

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x-art_riley_reid_anikka_sapphically_sexy-1-smlTitle: Sapphically Sexy (Fucking Lesbians)
Models: Riley Reid & Anikka

Join two furiously sexy American lesbians in this hot scene. If you’re into girls with smaller breasts, Riley is perfect with her perky pink nipples. But if you like bigger breasts, Anikka’s got those, in addition to some other incredible ASSets. These two girls know where to touch to make each other go wild. The camera close-ups and angles are also great, as they show every aspect of the girls’ fun properly.

With just a little tuft of hair over her wet pussy, Riley is definitely adorable as she thrusts her hips, rubbing herself on Annika’s tongue. She’s definitely vocal about when she reaches her orgasm, and with her little giggles, she’s a delight to watch and listen to. She’s truly a girl who knows how to have fun.

Riley definitely cannot get enough of Annika’s tongue as she sits onto her face, enjoying the waves of pleasure washing over her tiny little body. Riley’s so good at the art of talking dirty, as she murmurs so many naughty things as she cums.

And then it’s Riley’s turn to show off her oral skills, as she goes to town on Annika, who’s got both stocking-clad legs in the air as she tells Riley that she’s turning her on so good. Both girls are so incredibly sexy and the way they talk to each other so familiarly is what makes this scene so real, and so fun to watch.
They bring in a vibrating toy, which makes Riley cum again and again in this delightful scene. You’re going to want to watch more after this film, so do yourself a favor, and sign up for X-art today.


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